The National Export Day of the solar year 1400 marked a good event for Iran’s technology and innovation ecosystem, and it was the selection of a knowledge-based company as the top exporter of the year.

Sarv Oil and Gas Company is a pioneer company in the production of applied catalysts in the steel, petrochemical and refining industries of Iran.

Catalysts are known as strategic commodities and the activity of petrochemical, refining and steel companies are highly dependent on these high-tech products, so that firms with this cutting-edge technology are in less than 10 countries.

With the launching of Sarv Oil and Gas Company in Iran, the new catalyst industry has been institutionalized in the country for the past two decades.

Iranian-made catalysts were exported for the first time in the petrochemical and refining industry by the knowledge-based Sarv Oil and Gas Company, and one of the refineries of neighboring countries currently uses one of the most complex Iranian catalysts produced by Sarv Oil and Gas Company (low temperature shift catalyst). This is while, in the face of sanctions and in the presence of the largest and most powerful catalyst brands in the world, this knowledge-based company, by relying on the quality of its products, managed to overtake these large firms and open a new gateway to global markets for Iran and its new catalyst industry.

As the news indicates, the company will continue down the path next year and will make a foothold in new markets in other countries.

At present, Sarv Company provides production space for the employment of more than 500 top specialists and scientists in Iran. It also produces a range of products for manufacturing processes inside the country such as olefin and methanol.

The company has maintained this forward movement with the aim of completing the chain of consumer catalysts in Iran’s industries and competing with large companies in foreign markets.