Sarv Oil & Gas Catalyst Research Center
The research team at Sarv Oil & Gas Development Industries have been able to produce various types of catalysts which are widely used in oil and gas reactors, petrochemical and steel industries. The research centre also develops and produces new catalysts. The research centre is equipped with latest analytical equipment capable of undertaking various physical and chemical tests. Our highly trained technical staff offer required consultancies to related industries. The following are a short list of capabilities of our

research units:
1.Analysis of physical and chemical properties of various catalysts and absorbents.
2.Reactor tests with various catalytic processes, under different operational conditions.
3.Selection of highest performed catalysts when tested and analysed under the same operational condition.
4.Apply reverse engineering process to produce new catalysts.
5.Developing knowhow technology for manufacturing catalysts in lab scales.
6.Development and production of catalyst with different process applications from lab scale to pilot scale.
7.Design of catalyst production equipment and production line at an industrial scale.
8.Identifying various catalytic Sinitic reactions.
9.Modelling and animation of various catalyst processes.
10.Technical consultancies offer to increase performances and production rate of catalysts.

The main objectives of the research centre are:
-To study catalytic synthesis used in gas, oil, petrochemical and steel industries.
- To improve catalyst qualities and provide technical support to the production lines. Quality of our catalysts products are continuously analysed and tested by Gas Chromatographer analyser.

Lab services
Sarv Gas & Oil Development Industries has high precision laboratory equipment capable of offering services to other related industries.
The list of equipment includes:
* Chemical Absorption Analyze
* Atomic Absorption Analysis
*Analysis of Mechanical Resistances of Non-Uniform Catalyst