steel production catalyst manufactured by Sarv Oil and Gas Company — the first producer of high performance catalysts in Iran — was loaded with the 10th and 11th steel reformers.

The company’s public relations department said Wednesday the catalyst was loaded with Sabafoulad mega-module in Mobarakeh Steel Company as well as Jahanfoulad Sirjan Steel Company's reformer.

Founded in 2004, Sarv produced 4,000 tons of different catalysts for petrochemical plants, refineries and steel mills and loaded 11 steel reformers.

The company supplies 70% of catalysts used in Iran's key steel sector.

With 28% of the world's steel production, Iran emerged as the second largest direct-reduced iron producer in 2017 by producing 20.5 million tons of the steelmaking material. Also called sponge iron, DRI is produced from the direct reduction of iron ore to iron by a reducing gas made from natural gas or coal.

A knowledge-based private company, Sarv employs 180 scientists and technical staff for its R&D and catalyst production departments.

Technology for producing catalysts used in direct reduction of iron ore was indigenized by Sarv in 2016.