According to advantage of the existence of massive natural gas reserves in Iran, the development of processes based on the usage of these Divine blessings for manufacturing the products with a high added value has been considered deeply in the Country's 20-year development vision.

So an increase in the production of methanol, ammonia and sponge iron manufacturing units by using the direct reduction of iron method; as the beating heart of the development, has been settled in the priority of the Macro-economic planning in Iran.

At this process, catalyst is playing a crucial role as a knowledge based and strategic product in converting natural gas into synthesis gas.

Sarv Oil & Gas Industries Development is a knowledge-based Co. with two decades of scientific and research efforts in an effective and creative cooperation with process units in Iran has succeeded to develop technical knowledge of catalysts which are used in the cycle of synthesis gas, and take back the exclusive production of it from the few manufacturers at the international level.

Now we are honored to announce that according to the complete path of the industrialization of this ultra advanced product through a regional technical knowledge along with the efforts of the Iranian specialists & scientists, 65% of methanol and ammonia manufacturing units in Petrochemical industry and Hydrogen production units in Refining industry have been using Sarv syngas catalysts.

Also more than 45% of the sponge iron in Iran is now produced by Sarv DRI catalysts. Russia producing 580 billion cubic meters of natural gas is known as the second important manufacturer in the world and the development of downstream industries like ammonia and methanol has been put on its agenda.